A Visit to the Bank

Paddington with a reporter, and the manager

A Visit to the Bank is the seventh episode of the Paddington Bear TV Series.


Paddington starts out in the kitchen making a marmalade sandwhich. He turns his head to the newspaper and reads "ROBBERY at Floyds Bank" and Paddington runs to put on his Wellington boots.

When he arrives at the bank he is greeted by the bank's manager and tells her he would like to take out all of his savings. She takes him to his office, Paddington tells her that he wants to take out his 5 pound note so the manager directs him to a bank teller.

He requests that he would like all his savings and the bank teller gives him a 5 pound note and 10 pence. When he gets his 5 pound note he tells the bank teller that this isn't his note and he wants the one he gave them which is encrusted in marmalade. The bank teller tells him "Your money is probably long gone, peharps stolen in the robbery. Or we burned it." Paddington not understanding doesn't know why they burned his money. The bank teller says that his was not stolen. Paddington leaves to call Mrs. Bird.

Paddington enters the telephone booth and when he puts the money into the phone he pressed 0 which is the emergency number. He says he needs all the help he can get. Now their are many cop's cars around Paddington and they believe he was the robber. Mrs. Bird arrives an tells the officers that Paddington is a great member of this community. The bank manager explains that it is a misunderstanding and that Paddington was a customer of the bank.

A store is listening to the news while Paddington explains how his note was covered in marmalade. Just then a man hands him a 5 pound note with marmalde on it. He calls the emergency number and the police release Paddington and go to get the real robber.

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