A Visit to the Hospital

Dr. Paddington Brown with Medical Forum

A Visit to the Hospital is the first episode of the Paddington Bear TV Series.


The episode starts off with Mr. Curry's backyard and Paddington narrating as he's writing a letter to Aunt Lucy. He is then shown picking crab-apples for Mr. Curry, then he explains how he was trying to get a ripe apple. Mr. Curry goes up to get it himself. Paddington cleans up the yard then comes out of the shed. Not knowing Mr. Curry is still in the tree. Mr. Curry falls and goes to the hospital.

Mrs. Brown and the rest of the family get tired of visiting and they suspect Mr. Curry is faking, so they send off Paddington to the Hospital to visit him. Paddington asks a nurse which room Mr. Curry is staying in but he doesn't get an answer, so he decides to try to find Mr. Curry himself. He stumbles into a psychiatrist's office. Then he enters and there is a confusion. The doctor gets upsets and loses sanity. He is pushed out on a wheel-chair.

Paddington becomes worried that people will be looking for him, so he turns into "Dr. Paddington Brown". He runs into the International Medical Forum and is mistaken for a doctor. He then performs a check-up on Mr. Curry and diagnoses him with Opadocalitis, so he has to perform an operation. He is recognized by Mr. Curry and Mr. Curry runs away. Paddington explains that it was just what he saw on a fictional TV show called "Daredevil Doctor". The head of the forum says it was amazing then Paddington changes back into his normal clothes.

He goes into Mr. Curry's backyard to clean up again. He pulls down the ladder and Mr. Curry is injured again. He closes with "Maybe I should of made him a Get Well Card."


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