Mr. Reginald Curry is the mean spirited next door neighbour to the Brown family. He constantly refers Paddington as Bear. He is voiced by Michael Hordern in the 1975 series, Tim Curry in the 1989 series and in The Adventures of Paddington Bear he is voiced by Nigel Lambert and in the live action film he is portrayed by Peter Capaldi.

In the film Paddington, Mr. Curry had a former crush on Millicent.


In the film “Paddington” he is first seen looking through the window to see the browns coming home. Later he meets Millicent at a telephone box and immediately has a crush on her upon first gaze. Then he invites her to his house where Millicent tells her she needs to take Paddington where he belongs. The next day, Mr. Curry is dressed like a man going on a date and helps Millicent try to find the Bear by listening through the walls. Millicent fails and escapes.

The next night, Mr. Curry gives some wilted flowers to Millicent (Which hardly impresses her.) She Then reveals that she is taking Paddington to be stuffed, and that she is not Mr. Curry’s “Honeypot”. When Mr. Curry gets home, he calls Mr. Brown and tells him that Paddington has been kidnapped.


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In Paddington 2, Peter Capaldi reprises his role as Mr. Curry. Due to being a star, he is a minor character in the film. Curry is only seen at the start and close to the end of the film.

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