Paddington Brown is the title character of the Paddington Bear books, the films, its sequel and various TV shows.

His very first appearance was in his first book "A Bear Called Paddington" that was published on October 13, 1958.


Paddington comes from "Deepest Darkest Peru", with his only known relative being his Aunt Lucy whom he sends letters to as she was sent to the Home of Retired Bears in Lima, not including his Uncle Pastuzo, who gave him his old stained bucket hat. He was found in a train station in London and the Browns adopted him, thus giving him the full name "Paddington Brown."

His name, "Paddington", comes from the train station in London, where the Browns had found him.


Paddington means well when he tries to help, but he occasionally makes mistakes that get him into trouble. He is very fond of marmalade and often keeps a sandwich containing it under his hat for emergencies. His adopted family love him dearly and they always try to get keep him out of trouble. When he is displeased with someone, he gives them a "hard stare" that his Aunt Lucy taught him if someone forgot their manners.

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Paddington is a small spectacled bear, that wears a bright red hat (black in some aspects) and a blue duffel coat that the Browns gave him.

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