Paddington Takes to the Road is the second part of the first episode of The Adventures of Paddington Bear.

Paddington speedily goes down a hill during the Tour de France.


This episode starts off with Mr. Gruber and Paddington Bear in Sankaski, a town in France. Mr. Gruber walks into a bakery, and Paddington notices a poster that says "TOUR DE FRANCE" on it. Paddington wants to know what it is. He eventually figures it out, but he does not fully grasp its purpose. Mr. Gruber says that he and Paddington are going to take place in the Tour de France, but Paddington thinks that he has to be a bicyclist in the race. He attempts to find a bike, and spots a tricycle on a roof of a car repairs shop, so he gets the worker to get it down for him. Paddington brings it to their hotel room and fixes it though he gets oil smeared in the room.

When everybody wakes up the next morning, Paddington is nowhere to be found. Mr. Gruber is wondering where he is because the race is heading towards the town. Mr. Gruber turns on the TV and there Paddington Bear is, racing in the Tour De France!

Paddington Bear is almost in the lead, but he has to get ahead of an opponent, so he throws a marmalade sandwich at him and it messes him up, accidentally. Paddington then notices he forgot to fix the breaks of the trike, so he cannot stop. Paddington falls into a fountain with a bag of dough on him, but he is praised for bringing glory to the small town.

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