• Paddington: [holding bread] One of the nicest things about France Mr. Gruber, is the bread. It's so long! It's like getting twenty buns for the price of one.
  • Mr. Gruber: Ahh. [sniffs bread] Mmmm. Now remember Mr. Brown, as my assistant, I expect you to find some interesting subjects for my book, "The World and Its Wonders". That's why we've come to France.
  • Paddington: Yes Mr. Gruber. I am honored to help.
  • Mr. Dupoint: Ah Mr. Gruber, mono me! Come in for some fresh crossiants, and you too, Mr. L'bear!
  • Mr. Gruber: [walking in] Thank you, Mr. Dupoint.
  • [The two walk in, but Paddington stays outside reading a sign that says "TOUR DE FRANCE".]
  • Paddington: Tour De France.. [gets out dictionary] Tour.. tour... tour... to go around. To go around! France! On a bicycle.
  • Paddington: [narrating] Mr. Gruber asked me to keep my eyes open for any interesting subjects for his book, and what could be more interesting than people going around on France on bicycles? Back in England they take the bus.

France -- In the Bakery

  • Mr. Dupoint: Ah yes, the L'Tour De France. It is an event not to be missed.
  • Paddington: [walking in] You mean you already know about it Mr. Gruber?
  • Mr. Gruber: Yes Mr. Brown. Don't you agree Mr. Dupoint? L'Tour deserves mention in my book.
  • Mr. Dupoint: Of course. Twenty-eight days ??????? race.
  • Paddington: A race? I thought it was a tour.
  • Mr. Dupoint: It is both. And tomorrow it comes to our village. It is our moment of glory! Afterwards, people will forget Sankusky ever existed. But today, [grabs mustache] today the all of France will see us on Television.
  • Mr. Gruber: And to think Mr. Brown. We shall be part of it.

[Paddington nods in agreement]

France -- Outside of the Bakery

  • Paddington: [narrating] Mr. Gruber said we would be a part of the Tour De France. But how could I do that if I didn't have a bicycle? [sees bike shop] Ahah! My problem was solved.
  • Bike Shop Guy: I will lend you my tricycle. But, there is one small condition.
  • Paddington: [narrating] Some conditions aren't so small.

France -- Restaurant

  • Mr. Gruber: Merci, madam mousele. [talking to self] What's keeping Mr. Brown? Perhaps he's in his room.

France -- Hotel Room

  • Mr. Gruber: I hope my assistant is finding out some interesting facts about the Tour De France.
  • Paddington: [narrating] Luckily for Mr. Gruber, he didn't realize that was exactly what I was going to do. Cleaning and oiling a tricycle was a lot harder than I thought it would be; especially the sort with three wheels.
  • Paddington: [fixes handlebars] Ah. Now for a little oil. [pours oil on trike] Good as new. What shall I do next? Hmmm.. now where did this go again? Well, it can't be very useful, or it would fit somewhere! [throws the bolt backwards] [hops on the trike] Now for a test drive.
  • Paddington: [narrating] Tricycling is hard work. And to think people ride all around France! And not just in their rooms. [Oil is all over the room] Now for a good night's sleep. [gets oil paw print on the bed] Oops, another problem. I finally found a way to lie in bed without leaving paw marks all over the sheets. [snoring]

France -- Hotel Room, the Next Day

  • Maid: Hah! Mr. L'Bear is very good at making messes, no?
  • Mr. Gruber: Yes. It is one of his strong suits. And where is he? The Tour De France is on its way to the village! [turns on TV] Poor Mr. Brown. He's going to miss everything, and he's so likes being in the thick of things!
  • Paddington: [narrating] It's funny how Mr. Gruber knows what's going on, even when he's not there seeing it for himself. I don't think I could ever imagine more in the thick of things than I was at that moment.
  • Maid: [surprised] Ah!
  • Mr. Gruber: Mr. Brown?
  • Maid: Mr. L'Bear!
  • Maid and Mr. Gruber: That's it! Pedal! Faster!
  • [Tour De France]
  • Biker: Ah! Mr. L'Bear! You shouldn't be in the race, ah!
  • Paddington: But how could I be part of the Tour De France if I'm not in it?
  • Mr. Gruber: [watching on TV] That's it, don't fall back!
  • [The biker tries to get water on Paddington, but Paddington hits a rock and throws a marmalade sandwich in the air, and it get stuck in the Racer's bike. He crashes in the middle of the road. Other bikers pass him, and some of them crash].
  • Bike Shop Guy: [watching on TV] Bravo Mr. L'Bear!
  • Paddington: I'm winning! I'm winning!
  • Mr. Gruber: [talking to the maid] Hurry! To the town square.
  • Maid: Mr. L'Bear is bringing glory to our village!
  • Paddington: [narrating] I had done such a good job holding my tricycle that I didn't even have to pedal!
  • Paddington: So, that extra part was the break lever!
  • [Audience cheers on Paddington, Mr. Gruber sees him]
  • Mr. Gruber: Breaks Mr. Brown, use your break lever!
  • Paddington: I can't! It's in my hotel room!
  • [Mr. Dupoint opens the bakery door]
  • Mr. Dupoint: Mr. L'Bear! Through here!
  • Paddington: [shouting] Merci Mr. Dupoint!
  • [Paddington gets flour on him and cannot see]
  • Paddington: Accchooo! Achoo!
  • [Paddington goes the wrong way, into a pond]
  • Paddington: W-Whooahhh!
  • [Mr. Gruber and the Maid run to the rescue. Soon more people join.]
  • Maid: Ah! Mr. L'Bear!
  • Mr. Gruber: Mr. Brown!
  • [Mr. Gruber gets him out of the fountain. He has dough on him]
  • Paddington: I'm alright!
  • Crowd: [chanting] Mr. L'Bear! Mr. L'Bear! Mr. L'Bear!
  • Paddington: But I think I'm in trouble again..

England -- Gruber Antiques

  • Mr. Gruber: You're far from being in trouble! Mr. Paddington Brown is now a local hero! Because he helped put Sankasti on the map. Now, people come from all over to see the room where the famous mischevious L'Bear stayed. Mr. Dupoint sells many buns, as supplied to Mr. L'Bear. Isn't it wonderful how everything works out for the best?
  • Paddington: It is Mr. Gruber! And I have some unusual souvenirs for my scrapbook. I just wish my tire would stay put..