Paddington in the Jungle is the fifth and final episode of the Paddington's Journey To Adulthood TV Series.

Paddington Teaser TRAILER 1 (2014) - Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville Movie HD

Paddington Teaser TRAILER 1 (2014) - Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville Movie HD


This episode starts off with Paddington hearing talks about domino theory and Vietnam on a radio show. Paddington sits and listens to this talk. After hearing about the Vietnam war and Communism, Paddington decides to sign for Vietnam.

After a training montage Paddington is ready to go out onto the battlefield. Paddington has his first taste of the horror of war as he sees his friend from training recieve a bullet to the head. His unnamed friend is never the same again and they drift apart before in a very graphic scene Paddington's friend kills himself.

Scared from this traumatic experience, Paddington decides to turn to heroine for warmth and love. He develops an addiction and contemplates suicide. Before he can commit suicide however, he finds a man named John. John becomes his best friend on the field and they develop a very close bond.

Paddington is sent out on the field again. All of his traumatic experiences come back to him but he regains strength when he hears John telling him to snap out of it. Shortly after though John is shot in the head and the only thing Paddington can do is weep. While he's paralyzed a stray bullet hits Paddington in the shoulder and the screen fades to black

He wakes up in an army hospital and hears talk from the nurses. They say in a troubled voice that the shrapnel from the bullet entered the skull and poses a serious threat to the brain. The Nurses continue and say that the removal of the shrapnel would require taking out part of the brain which would severely damages Paddington's mental capabilities. In the other beds he hears soldiers talking about how John only used Paddington for his heroine and never really cared about him and that his full name was John Cena. Paddington can't take anymore of this and decides to use what little strength he has to disconnect himself from life support.

Throughout the credits instead of the ending theme is the sound of a flatline heavily implying that Paddington is dead

And hello TK

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