Paddington 44

Paddington's Red Hat is a Odd Red Stained Bucket Hat, That Paddington Brown Wears Every Single Day.

The Red Hat Uses to Belong to His Uncle Pastuzo, which was Given to Him by Montgomery Clyde when he Visit Deepest Darkest Peru. After his Trip to Peru was Over Montgomery Clyde Threw his Hat to Pastuzo and he Put it on after Montgomery Clyde Visit

Starting Scene: Pastuzo, still wearing The Red Hat, is Talking to His Wife Lucy About Going to London When they see Paddington in the Water. Lucy and Pastuzo Rescues Him. Pastuzo Red Hat End up Falling on Paddington the Bear Cub Head and Eats the Marmalade Sandwich inside the Hat.

When Paddington Turn into a Grown Bear he Left for London on a Cargo Ship Hidden inside a Lifeboat Wearing The Red Stained Bucket Hat.

Paddington Brown always Wears His Red Hat where every he Goes in London He Follows His Uncle Pastuzo Advice „Always Keeping A Marmalade Sandwich“ Under The Hat just in Case of Emergency.

in some aspects such as the first Paddington animated series, the hat was black.

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