Paddington does the Tango

Paddington Practices the Tango

The Last Dance is the third episode of the Paddington Bear TV Series.


Its stars off with Paddington in his bedroom practicing for the Charity Ball. He doesn't know how to dance so he dances with a lampshade which turns into a mess. Then in the morning Paddington goes to visit Mr. Gruber for advice on dancing. Paddington explains he doesn't know how to dance. Mr. Gruber gives him a book about dancing. He says he is judging the Balls competition tonight.

Paddington then fantasizes he is dancing on the book. Then Mr. Brown comes into his room and dances with him so he understands it better.

Then they arrive at the Charity ball. Paddington meets the hostess and the judge. Paddington's Alarm Clock sets off and everybody thinks it is the fire alarm. Then it cuts the scene and the judge walks out to announce that its time for the competition to start. Then Paddington Brown dances with the hostess for the competition. Then while there dancing Paddington's paws gets caught on her laces. Then Paddington flings his sandwhich into the air and it lands on the hostess' back. Then in all the confusion everybody thinks that it is their dance and they win the prize which is a basket of goods.

Then the scene ends and it shows Aunt Lucy in a rocking chair back in Peru. Paddington explains in a letter that if you want to learn to dance you need an alarm clock, plenty of practice, and a marmalade sandwhich with extra chunks. Then it fades black.

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